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MCX Natural Gas : Resistance Levels

32,003 32,069 32,176

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31,830 31,723 31,657

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Contract Specifications of Natural Gas

Contract Start Day As per the Contract Launch Calendar
Last Trading Day As per the Contract Launch Calendar
Trading Period Mondays through Friday
Trading Session Monday to Friday: 10.00 a.m. to 11.30 / 11.55 p.m.
Trading Unit 1250 mmBtu
Quotation/ Base Value Rs. per mmBtu
Maximum Order Size 20,000 mmBtu
Tick Size 10 paise per mmBtu
Initial Margin Minimum 4% or based on SPAN whichever is higher
Extreme Loss Margin Minimum 1.25%
Additional and/ or Special Margin In case of additional volatility, an additional margin (on both buy & sell side) and/ or special margin (on either buy or sell side) at such percentage, as deemed fit; will be imposed in respect of all outstanding positions.
Price Quote The contract would be settled in cash